Training your body for life...

Webster's defines FUSION as "the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity".

I am a certified personal trainer, a group fitness instructor and a weight management coach. Altogether, I am an active aging advocate and I help women (and men) to lead more active, healthy lifestyles.

My fitness classes and personal training sessions combine the elements of fun aerobic moves, full body strength training, postures to improve agility and flexibility, and the music we listened to during our formative years. Please click on the tabs above for details and availability of my Fusion Fitness and ABSolutely Best Core Workout classes.

FALL Registration is open and classes fill quickly. Click on the "class" tab above to check if we can still accommodate you. Classes begin September 11th.

My mantra is training your body for life...   and it reminds us that our behavior and the choices we make today will ultimately impact our future quality of life. I teach others to nourish their body; keep it strong, flexible, pain-free, and resilient.

Consider yourself in training for your biggest, most important event:  YOUR LIFE.


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