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Actively Aging and Living Young

Through life and especially through the ChezFit years, I have met some extraordinary women (and men) with a similar passion for actively aging and for being the best that we can be. Not only do I value your friendships, but I consider you my family. Thank you for enriching my life!

Active aging and living young at ANY age! ChezFit is the proud sponsor of the Pacific Grove Reds. ❤️
JAW DROPPING JANINE whom I treasure as one of my most (if not THE MOST) disciplined and self-motivated friends. Our PT sessions started in 2014; She has met and exceeded every goal! She’s the younger sis that I’ve always wanted. PRIVATE EVENTS DIRECTOR
REGAL RITA — The anchor of the “Portola Valley 7” — great friends and neighbors that helped me start my active aging program in Portola Valley in 2012. Our workouts continue on ZOOM. TV JOURNALIST EXTRAORDINAIRE, MENTOR AND ROLE MODEL
MAGNETIC MELISSA with incredibly fun and positive vibes. Core and strength training AND Summer Boot Camps ⭐️ since 2018. ZOOMING with me weekly. GOLFER, HIKER
SENSATIONAL SANDRA — 1/2 of my FIRST EVER “group” fitness class. 🤣 Palo Alto, 2011. She has been with me through the evolution of my classes and is now on ZOOM. Like a sister to me for 26 years! ❤️ ELDERCARE PROFESSIONAL
DYNAMIC DIXIE (GOLFER, KAYAKER, HIKER) and LIMITLESS LYNDA (GOLFER, HIKER)– good friends cruisin’ together in Cabo San Lucas. Dixie joined ChezFit in 2020. Lynda joined in 2015. They both workout with me 2X weekly on ZOOM.
LYNDA and DIXIE on a scenic hike in Mazatlan. Not the youngest in their group, but most definitely the best conditioned.
GRACEFUL GAYLE — A member of the original “Portola Valley 7” from 2012. She lit up my classes with her smile. A compassionate and generous healthcare provider during Covid. CARDIAC ICU NURSE

LEGENDARY LINDA — a continuous inspiration to me for the past 26 years. A seasoned marathon runner. We’ve shared many active adventures together here and abroad. RETIRED PHYSICIST & KITTY WHISPERER
PASSIONATE PHYLLIS who truly shares my zeal for music. She’s rarely missed a ZOOM class since beginning in 2021 and she keeps me balanced. EQUESTRIAN
Aloha, MARVELOUS MARY — One of the original Boomer Ball Belles ❤️. Core and strength training since 2016.
SENSATIONAL SHASHI — Fellow wine enthusiast and good friend, a supporter of ChezFit since its inception in 2011. Has hiked on nearly every continent and kills it regularly at the gym.
AWESOME ALISON — NOT a fair-weather cyclist having completed numerous multi-day cycling tours internationally. Couples’ Fusion Fitness in 2019 and currently on ZOOM. HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER
LEAN LEA — Core and strength training since 2019. Hikes, cycles and jogs — but also my personal workout partner since 2021❤️. HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER
ECLECTIC ELKE — She and hubby John have brightened our Couples’ Fusion Fitness classes since 2018. They continue working out together with me on ZOOM. HIKER AND LOVING GRANDPARENT