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Summer Classes Begin July 2nd

We are marching, flexing, extending, curling, balancing, strengthening, toning, gliding, and stretching. We are training for FUNctionality and improved proprioception*. We work out in the morning to be energized for an afternoon hike, swim, or bike ride. We strengthen with weights and bands to carry groceries, move pots in the garden, load young grandkids into their car seats, propel in pickleball, effectively maneuver with reins and a bridle, and add power to our golf swings. We stretch daily to move safely and effortlessly throughout the day without pain. We are training our bodies for functional activities! These classes are progressive in nature meaning that you are NOT doing the same workout week after week. I structure the format to keep your bodies challenged to accommodate your improved levels of strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. We use various types of equipment for targeted and specific training for the muscle type and function.

*proprioception: the sense of self-movement, force, and body position.

1. FUNctional Core (NEW)

This Wednesday morning class is for the seasoned veterans of my previous Stability Ball classes. It’s also for active individuals looking to improve their performance in their chosen sport, to reduce and/or prevent injuries, AND to provide more body control, awareness and balance. See Class Syllabus for more details and equipment recommendations. CLASS SYLLABUS

2. FUNctional FITness

A fusion of exercises to build muscular strength and endurance; and to improve balance and posture. If you are looking for a simple strength training workout using one set of dumbbells, then go stream a video. Otherwise, tune in on Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings for FUNctional FITness. These classes are LIVE, diverse, ever-changing and challenging. We don’t use ONE piece of equipment because not all muscles are created, challenged, and strengthened equally. Consider your one hour of FUNctional FITness as your trip to the gym. Let’s make the very most of that hour and get in the best workout possible! Welcome the balance challenges; the use of a resistance band for strengthening shoulders, upper back and chest; light-to-medium weight dumbbells for mobility, strength and definition; moderate to heavier weights for concentrated biceps, triceps, and upper back moves; and, exercise gliders for hip flexibility and a screaming thighs-and-butt-workout. The class will give a little extra attention to a different joint each week. See class syllabus for more details and equipment recommendations. CLASS SYLLABUS

“Just not a fan of gyms, I love having personal training by Zoom with LuAnne, both the Abs and Backs classes and the Fusion Fitness classes. They are actually small classes but I feel they are directed to me personally. It is wonderful to work out in the privacy and cleanliness of my own home. LuAnne plans each class specifically to the needs of the group and always provides the best motivating music. Her directions are clear and her explanations of what we are working on, and why, are so inspiring and helpful. Right from the beginning, I felt stronger, have better posture, and feel more energized! And, the muscle definition really shows after two years of classes!


“I LOVE your Tuesday and Thursday Zoom classes! Your way of teaching is the best for our age group. Also, great music for a good way to start the day and progress through the week. What would my body do without you? Thanks! ”


I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from being in LuAnne’s fitness classes. I feel stronger and healthier every week!  Her classes are challenging but fun. She really cares about keeping us going and gives individual attention and encouragement. I have been in other fitness classes but I really look forward to hers each week!