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Strengthening postures on and off the Ball.
Low impact screaming thighs-and-butt-workout with exercise gliders.

1. Bellies, Buns and Backs

This gentle blend of Yoga- and Pilates-based exercises is designed to challenge your abdominal muscles; to increase the strength, power and definition of your gluteal muscles; and to strengthen your upper and lower back muscles for proper support and alignment.. This diverse class includes basic core strengthening postures on the mat and on the Stability Ball. Say goodbye to lower back pain, flat tushes, and weak abdominal muscles. Say hello to a stronger, firmer body and core, greater confidence and the joy of learning something new. All you need is a Stability Ball, a Yoga strap for stretching, an exercise mat, a 9″ Yoga/Pilates ball and water. Sturdy, athletic shoes are optional.

2. Throw in the Kitchen Sink

Fusion Fitness is a program designed BY a Baby Boomer FOR Baby Boomers. It offers targeted heart-healthy and joint-friendly moves to OUR music! Many current studies on the aging population show noticeable cognitive function and memory improvement when the subjects are exposed to their favorite and familiar songs. Fusion Fitness continues to feature those tunes from past to present. Requests are welcomed!

If you are looking for a simple, effective strength training workout using one set of dumbbells, then go stream a video. Fusion Fitness classes are LIVE, diverse, ever-changing and challenging. We don’t use ONE piece of equipment for the whole workout because not all muscles are created, challenged, and strengthened equally. Consider your one hour of Fusion Fitness as your trip to the gym. We are together for one hour, so let’s make the very most of that hour and get in the best workout possible. 2024 continues and builds on balance challenges; the use of a resistance band for strengthening shoulders and upper back; light-to-medium weight dumbbells for mobility, strength and definition of shoulders; moderate to heavier weights for concentrated biceps and triceps moves; and, exercise gliders for hip flexibility and a screaming thighs-and-butt-workout!

Equipment necessary for a safe, effective workout: 1 set of varying resistance FLAT elasticized resistance bands (NO LOOPS), a firm-backed chair, exercise gliders (sliding discs, or paper/plastic plates), light-to-medium weight dumbbells, comfortable workout clothing, sturdy athletic shoes and water. There are numerous options for the equipment — please ask me if you are stumped!

“Just not a fan of gyms, I love having personal training by Zoom with LuAnne, both the Abs and Backs classes and the Fusion Fitness classes. They are actually small classes but I feel they are directed to me personally. It is wonderful to work out in the privacy and cleanliness of my own home. LuAnne plans each class specifically to the needs of the group and always provides the best motivating music. Her directions are clear and her explanations of what we are working on, and why, are so inspiring and helpful. Right from the beginning, I felt stronger, have better posture, and feel more energized! And, the muscle definition really shows after two years of classes!