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Personal Training

The ChezFit Personal Training program begins with a full assessment of your health history, current levels of fitness, current exercise program and your goals. The initial training sessions are done in the privacy of your home. Subsequent “tune-ups” may also be available on Zoom.

You can have an exercise program designed specifically for you, guidance with exercises you are doing in my classes or from a physical therapist, or help getting started on the way to wellness. There are multiple packages available that will suit your needs. AND, to help you remain active and fit, you will receive LIFETIME discounts on ChezFit class registrations. Please contact me at for a detailed menu of services available, current fees and help in determining the BEST program for you.

I’ve been working out with LuAnne for 3+ years and can feel the physical and mental benefits of her instruction every single time. The music is a perfect backdrop to get you motivated and having fun as you work core muscles and every part of your body. LuAnne mixes up the exercises and equipment often enough to keep it interesting and challenging. I notice the difference in my level of strength, flexibility and body tone. A great addition to my weekly running and hiking that works completely different muscle groups. I feel great after every workout!”


“You are amazing and irreplaceable as the motivator and guide in my world of exercise. I really, really appreciate your classes. The music is fun, and the regularity of the use of the whole body’s muscles is so-o-o-o-o valuable, not to mention the stretching. Thank you, thank you.”


“Thanks for keeping my baby boomer body functioning! You never hurt me and I’m getting so much stronger and more flexible! That’s the highest compliment I can give a trainer! My day is always good if I start with you.”